May 4: This Week in Baseball

May 4: This Week in Baseball

Highlights and updates from the desk of Head Coach Mike Hansen featuring games from Monday, April 27th through Sunday. May 3rd. LAST WEEK (4...

Highlights and updates from the desk of Head Coach Mike Hansen featuring games from Monday, April 27th through Sunday. May 3rd.

LAST WEEK (4/27/2015 - 5/3/2015) 
We finished the week 3-2, bringing our overall season record to 9-5.  The boys are playing well.  As you have seen, the difference in a game can be razor thin.  Whichever team plays better defense and has one or two timely hits usually end up with the victory.  The plays at the end of the 2nd Grandville game were evidence.  Making the 1 out squeeze defensive bunt play (Johnny Miller) and a 1/3 rundown (Jake Hansen, Johnny Miller, Joe Zelenka, Levi Overway) to end the 6th inning made the difference in the ball game....and they did it perfectly.  And again in the Lowell double header with a 1/3 situation Lowell attempted the double steal and it was defended (Kaleb Schmidt, Bailey Gonzales-Bertapelli) by Gonzo throwing the runner out at home.  All game saving plays!!!  Excellently done and very proud moments for everyone involved!! 

4/28/15Grandville (2)Home 4:00
4/30/15GrandvilleAway 4:30
5/2/15Lowell (2)Home10:00

Elliot Martin: great defense and timely triple vs. Lowell to tie the game, 5 hits on the week.  Nathan Bonter: 6 hits on the week and game winning rbi v GrandvilleJacob Kostner: 6 hits on the week and great catch in left field.  Johnny Miller: 2 more victories on the week and game saving defense v Grandville.  Good things always seem to happen when Johnny is on the mound for the Bucs - great CarmaBrock Schwartz: complete game victory v Lowell. Dereck Melcher: first varsity hit v Lowell. Jacob Hansen: excellent defensively this week and game winning score v Lowell - game 2.  Stone Whipple: solid relief pitching v Grandville and sac but v Lowell game 2. Joe Zelenka: Hitting .344 and leading the team in SB, also making clutch DP v Grandville to save the victory. Kaleb Schmidt: 3 hits this week and 2 rbi v Lowell, throwing out base stealer v Lowell. Levi Overway: continues great defense.  Jared Kelly: Leading the team in HR and pitching solid. Noah Wittkopp: Solid start last week v Grandville going 5 innings.  Bailey Gonzales-Bertapelli: 2 hits this week with great defense! 

7 games 

5/5/15Hudsonville (2)Away 4:00
5/6/15FruitportAway 4:30
5/7/15HudsonvilleHome 4:30
5/9/15Byron Center Invite (3)Away 9:00

Mike Hansen 
Grand Haven Buccaneers Head Varsity Baseball Coach 


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